What is CME?

  • A 4-semester M.Sc. engineering program taught in English
  • Designed for Bachelors from Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics or Physics
  • Emphasizing the fundamental concepts of advanced communications and multimedia
  • Paving the way to research and advanced development in world-class academic institutions and industry for audio, multimedia, and communications
  • Providing intensive language courses in German to open the door to a local career


Why should you choose CME?

  • You strive for insight into the underlying principles of current communication and multimedia technologies
  • You want to apply solid theory to achieve practically relevant solutions
  • You want to connect to big players in audio, medical systems, and mobile and optical communications
  • You like an international environment and want to familiarize yourself with the local culture 

Testimonials of our students

  • Carmen
  • Florian
  • Lamani
  • Sanu P.
  • Anamaria Moldovan
  • Shubhangi B.
  • Boris Belousov
  • Hebatallah S.
  • Arman, A.
  • Maryna Ch.
  • Rajadurai K.
  • Sulaiman
  • Noshad

Gallery with the friendly assistance of the Department of Computer Science